Great Boxing Champions

Great Boxing Champions

1. Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali is arguably the most inspiring heavyweight boxer of all time. He not only showed how a man could conquer all obstacles with determination but also inspired millions across the world to believe in themselves. He is known for his style of letting his opponents get exhausted by allowing them to hit him. He has registered the greatest wins in history and he has challenged the best opponents in the history of boxing. His defeats of Floyd Patterson and Oscar Bonavena remain etched in the minds of boxing fans.

2. Jack Johnson

The Galveston Giant had the challenge of battling not only his boxing opponents in the ring but also white supremacists who thought he could not make it because of his color. He held the title for over a decade even as racist politicians colluded to deny him the championship.

3. Sonny Liston

Despite his death in 1970 as a result of a heroin overdose, Sonny Liston makes it to the top ten boxers of all time. His name is still reminiscent of power puncher who used his long reach to floor his opponents with effortless skill in the ring.

4. Ken Norton

The former marine, with the classic strongman physique, is best remembered for hammering Muhammad Ali in three major fights. His controversial loss to Ali in a split decision elicited media controversy but he then won seven straight victories before meeting Ali again in 1975. Many people have come to believe that Ken Norton was the man who best rivaled Muhammad Ali.

5. Mike Tyson

Beginning his illustrious career in the 1980s, Mike Tyson registered nineteen straight wins and dominated the scene. Few opponents could stand Mike Tyson in his prime but like all the boxers he had his personal vulnerabilities. At the age of 25, he was convicted of rape and he spent three years behind bars. Although he tried to resurrect his glory after the incarceration, the good ole days never returned, but no boxing fan will ever forget his amazing performances.

6. Joe Frazier

Frazier will be always mentioned together with Ali. In 1971, Ali underestimated him and called him ugly. However, Ali’s trick of letting his opponents tire themselves out didn’t work with Frazier. However, even though Frazier won this fight, it was a pyrrhic victory because both men were hospitalized afterward. Their brains sustained permanent damage, according to reports.

7. Joe Louis

Joe is remembered as an inspiring fighter as well as a champion. In an era when blacks did not have a vote and were widely segregated, Joe Louis showed the world what could be accomplished if you believe in yourself. Just like Ali, he is one of the most inspiring boxers of all time.

8. George Foreman

At the age of nineteen, Foreman launched an illustrious career that saw him beat celebrated names in the boxing world. He knocked out Frazier in a devastating manner. He is remembered for stopping Ken Norton and seemed the best man to tackle Ali. Unfortunately for George, Ali disagreed!


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